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Searching for a literature review and doing citation searching

Colloquium: Thursday, March 30 , 14:00 to 16:00  in room A 2.35 (inside the CBS Library at Solbjerg Plads)

Searching the literature is one of the tools you need to master in working with your research. This can be executed in different ways and in different places, this Craft Thursday I will concentrate on tools where the quality of the content is partly verified by the fact that is included in specific databases. We will explore ways of searching that can give you confidence that you are likely not to have missed valuable pieces of literature when you want to do a literature review as part of an article or for a actual review article. We will look in to the many different features the relevant databases offer including ways to make the databases track relevant literature automatically for you over time in form of alerts.

Besides searching for making a literature review, we will also spend time on citation searching in this session looking in to how some of the libraries databases offer tools to discover who might have been using the same theory as you plan to use to prove the same point that you are going for or finding out if the article you have found interesting and valuable has been seen as valuable by others? Citation searching can also be used to check out the popularity of certain researchers or specific pieces of literature, but when using the wonders of citation searching we should always keep in mind that popularity not necessarily is the same as quality not even in the world of research.

In order to make this session as useful as possible, please bring your own problems and issues to the session so we can address them specifically. You are also welcome to mail me questions of interest before Thursday, then I can include them in the examples I do in the session.

See you on Thursday afternoon
Liv Bjerge Laursen

Current Activities

I’ve had that “coming attractions” post at the top of the blog for a bit too long. We’re well underway now, and we’re happy to see so many people coming out out to our events. This week, we will be talking about how to do citation searches in the library’s databases, and how to use the results most effectively in your literature reviews. We’ll have a post about that subject ready tomorrow.

I also have to find a few moments to write up what we’ve done the past two times, so that you can recall what was said or see what you missed. Remember that our colloquiums are open to all researchers at CBS, and the aim is to facilitate a conversation about research practices, broadly understood. We’re trying to help each other get better at the underlying craft skills of the modern researcher.