Events and Activities

Coaching for Writers

Writing is a skill. Like any other skill, it improves with practice. You can certainly practice entirely on your own, but many people benefit from regular meetings with a writing coach. I am here to help.

Writing Process Reengineering

This monthly, virtual four-week course is intended to introduce doctoral students and early-career researchers to the basic principles of Writing Process Reengineering. The course consists of two 3-hour seminars, a master class, and 20 hours of individual writing. It is organized around the composition of a roughly 8000-word draft research paper in the social sciences.

Craft of Research Series

Throughout the spring, I hold a series of weekly informal talks about the research process. The talks are intended for students who are working on their year-end projects, including their master’s dissertations.

Art of Learning Series

In the fall, I hold a series of informal talks for undergraduates and master’s students about the learning process. How can you get the most out of the resources and opportunities that a modern university setting provides? How can you acquire the knowledge you need, not just to pass your courses, but to succeed in your career?


These writing workshops for CBS’s undergraduate and master’s students bring together the “seven disciplines” of Writing Process Reengineering and the “unfiltered” approach to peer feedback. There is no required preparation for the workshops, except perhaps to think of some topic you might want to write about.