Writing is a skill. Like any other skill, it improves with practice. You can certainly practice entirely on your own, but many people benefit from regular meetings with a writing coach. If you  are interested in coaching, please contact me by phone or email.

To help you decide whether you want me as a coach, I encourage you to carry out a simple experiment. At the end of the working day, take five minutes to choose something you know well enough to write about tomorrow. Write a single, true declarative that expresses it.

Tomorrow, preferably as one of the first things you do at work, take exactly 18 or 27 minutes to write a paragraph that supports or elaborates on it. “Writing well” is simply being good at the activity that fills those 18 or 27 minutes, which I call “the writing moment”. My coaching helps you to become better at it, both in the sense of making it easier and yielding better results. Most importantly, perhaps, I hope to help you make this moment enjoyable.

If you are completely happy with what you have done during this little experiment, I may not have much to offer you. But most people find that there is something about the experience that they’d like to change. If that’s the case for you, just make an appointment with me and we’ll look at your paragraph together. I’ll probably suggest that you to write a few more. With every paragraph, the problem will become clearer and the solution will come into view. Then we can set up a program to help you implement it.

We can talk about what you are doing when you write. And we can look at the results. Note that the result of a writing moment is always a single paragraph that says one thing you know. So it’s your paragraphs we will be looking at. It’s your ability to compose them that we will be improving.