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It’s already been an exciting year, with lots of new ideas and initiatives. In this post I’d like to try to provide an overview of the activities that Liv and I will be running from early April to early June. Most of these activities will be running again in the fall, so if you can’t join us now, there are plenty of chances. In general, we plan our activities in 8-week periods on either side of Easter and either side of the fall break in week 42.

It will once again be possible to join a coaching group that meets every Thursday from 13:00 to 13:54 in the Library. The aim of these sessions is to help put you in control of your writing process, so that you can plan your work one paragraph at a time and secure yourself the time your need, both to get your writing done and develop your skill as a writer.

Also, I will be hosting a weekly “masterclass” on Mondays, in which you will be able to get feedback on your writing and listen to other people get feedback on theirs. Most of the time will be spent editing the individual paragraphs that participants bring to the session, for language and argumentation, clarity and structure.

On Thursday afternoons, immediately after the coaching session (but not otherwise related), Liv and I will continue our weekly Craft Colloquiums. We have selected seven topics and booked them into the calendar, but are still open to suggestions, so please do keep your ideas coming. Our aim is not to just tell you what we find interesting, but also to learn about your interests and how we might help. We take requests.

If you’d like to get a comprehensive introduction to my approach to academic writing, why not sign up for my six-hour (2 x 3 hours) seminar called Writing Process Reengineering, which will run on June 2 and June 4, 2015, from 13:00 to 16:00. It consists of two parts: one on the organization of the writing space (the structure of an article), the other on the organization of writing time (the structure of the process). Though they can each stand alone, I recommend attending both. Together we can help you turn a famously unmanageable process into an orderly series of moments.

Finally, do note the ongoing series of courses about the Library’s resources, where you can get a quick and effective introduction to the manifold ways in which we can help you locate the information you need for your research.

To get a better overview of the support that the CBS Library provides to researchers, we have created a calendar of all these events, which will be updated as new activities are planned. Keep posted there, here at the blog, or (also coming soon!) at CBS Share.

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