Craft Thursdays

Starting in October 2014*,  CBS Library will be hosting a weekly colloquium about the craft of research. The aim is to facilitate discussion of a range of topics about the nitty-gritty details of contemporary research practices. While our orientation will be very practical, we will be dealing mainly with broad aspects of research, leaving the particular methodologies of each field to be addressed more locally in the relevant research environments around CBS.

We expect to alternate between issues related to scholarly writing and issues related to library skills. Liv Bjerge Laursen will join us every other week to lead our discussion of library-related matters such as reference management, use of databases, citation analysis, and a variety of online resources. Thomas Basbøll will lead discussions about language, style, rhetoric and the broader craft of research writing. In both cases, we’ll be using a hands-on master-class format.

The sessions are open to all researchers at CBS, including PhD students. Registration is not required.

The colloquiums will run from 14 to 16 every Thursday, starting on Oct 30, 2014. Please keep posted here at the blog for announcements about topics and schedules.


*Update: This post originally said we’d be starting in October 2015.

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